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Bowsan Property Repairs have provided our property maintenance and wall crack repair services to countless residential and commercial projects across Perth. Here are a few examples of the outstanding project results we have achieved for our valued customers.

Bowsan Property Repairs

Refurbishment of Maddison Heights in Maylands

This work was carried out for the Slatter Group at Maddison Heights in Maylands. This 7-storey apartment block with over 95 units needed an upgrade/refurbishment. Bowsan Property Repairs carried out lintel replacement on a number of windows and doors as the existing lintels were in a very poor state.

Helifix structural repairs were performed to re-connect the balcony walls and Helifix stitching was made to repair cracked brickwork. Movement joints were also repaired, and extensive repointing was performed on various areas in the building.

Bowsan Property Repairs

Lintel replacement for corroded lintels for the Water Corporation at a substation in Perth

Bowsan Property Repairs

The Depot by Psaros

For this project, the original facade of the building had to be kept and made safe because it was over 100 years old. Bowsan Property Repairs carried out various Helifix reinforcements and stitching to secure the facade to the new apartments. We also created new door openings within the facade, added coping stones to various areas, and performed brickwork reinstatement.

Bowsan Property Repairs

Halls Head Apartments

Brickwork repair was performed on severely cracked brickwork and lintel replacement was carried out for programmed maintenance to apartments in Halls Head, near Mandurah.

Bowsan Property Repairs

ANZ Bank

The ANZ Bank in Beverley, Western Australia had walls that were severely cracked due to water washing out underneath the foundations. We installed Helifix crack stitching and beaming repairs and also carried out traditional underpinning to prevent further movement.

Bowsan Property Repairs

Fremantle Cemetery

Helifix Wall tie installation at Fremantle Cemetery for Northerly Construction.

Bowsan Property Repairs

Dale Alcock

Wall tie installation work.

Bowsan Property Repairs

Whitehaven Sports Centre

This work was carried out by John and his team when he worked for Mayson Brothers as a Helifix installer in the UK. Whitehaven Sports Centre is located in Cumbria, England. The brickwork to one side of the building had blown down during a storm and it was found to have inadequate wall ties.

Mayson Brothers installed Helifix wall ties to the whole of the Sports Centre. Crack stitching and movement joint creation was also performed. This work was carried out in about 2001 while the photos were taken in 2013, and no movement has reoccurred since.

Bowsan Property Repairs

St Andrews Church

This is another project that John carried out in the UK. The St Andrews Church in the English Lake District was severely damaged by piling work when a new extension was built to a nearby college. John was the supervisor on the Helifix beaming, crack stitching, and the rebuilding of the turrets on the top. After installation works, the tower was wrapped with Helifix to prevent any future movement. Work was undertaken in 2002-2003 and the photos were taken in 2013. Since then, no movement has reoccurred.

Bowsan Property Repairs

Heritage building repair in Cumbria

This work was carried out by John in 2001 in the UK as a part of Mayson Brothers. John was the installer and supervisor on this project. Here, a 2-storey building was severely damaged by tunnelling operations when replacing mains drainage. Because of heritage restrictions, the houses could not be demolished. Mayson Brothers wrapped all the house in Helifix beams and reconnected all the internal walls and floor joists. This photo is of John doing the chasing out of the stone walls.

Bowsan Property Repairs

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